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The future of the automotive industry a new pattern

Pubdate:2015-12-14 21:48  Source:New  Author:New
The future of the Smart car is equivalent to Huawei, ZTE production of new phones. October 15, 2015, the chief scientist of China Mobile Research Institute Yang Jing, held in Qingdao Jimo Chinas auto intelligent Summit says. Yeung King also
"The future of the Smart car is equivalent to Huawei, ZTE production of new phones." October 15, 2015, the chief scientist of China Mobile Research Institute Yang Jing, held in Qingdao Jimo China's auto intelligent Summit says.
Yeung King also CAS Institute of Computing Ph.D., full of the expert to the participants on behalf of the automotive sector passion presented his views on the future of smart cars. He said the Smart car carrying the future travel demand, the greatest significance of car networking is to transport, travel, automobile manufacturing, logistics, ecology, artificial intelligence and other areas to link up the telecommunications industry will be the focal hub promoting intelligent network platform and software Defining network, and telecom operators will play an increasingly important role.
Why do people study the communications industry smart car?
We have a 4G phone, you can take a taxi, you can micro-channel can be micro-Bo, we have changed our lives, outside of change, we also know that the mobile Internet has profoundly changed our industry and business, in fact, why do people want to come to our communications industry Intelligent car?
Over the past three decades of change the communications industry. In fact, the key is IT technology, Internet technology to our comprehensive subversion, after which the media industry, e-commerce retail trade has also been a huge influence of the Internet, particularly in 2008, Steve Jobs invented the Apple phone, the whole mobile Internet ecology has undergone tremendous change in recent years, in addition to people, we connect to the car, the so-called car networking has become a very important force in promoting a very important transformation and development of related industries and automotive innovation.
Internet has much power?
Everyone said the Internet +, but I think the Internet is a network of the largest, this network is to allow us to be separated from the past, some industries, different products can be separated together into a network. Smart car is actually just talked about cars, it is a vehicle, it relates to the needs of the travel and transport, related to automobile and road products, but also related to intelligent manufacturing cars and roads.
We are all in the past independent system separate depot made out of the car to sell regardless of the opinions. Internet + transportation, logistics, manufacturing, ecology, artificial intelligence, and we are all related, so the car is not only an important part of the Chinese industry is also an important part of economic development and transformation of our country's future.
ICT industry plays what role?
Before 2010, we are providing vehicle condition and driving condition monitoring in the depot, vehicle tracking and emergency relief, entertainment and information services, and navigation. In 2010, when began offering commercial transportation, traffic safety enforcement and UBI insurance, so that the data we collected generated a lot of value, this is by APP and cloud platforms. After this, based on vehicle networking integration V2X and ADAS and sensor networks, its aspirations to become traffic safety and energy efficiency, it becomes 2010 to 2015 to 2020, based on a fusion, just our domestic The so-called intelligent driver assistance and automatic driving function intelligent raised stage vehicle. Xiazou we found changes in the pattern of this industry, not only in the automotive intelligence, the road should be intelligent, mobile computing and Internet construction industry up to 2025, when in fact, combined with the national 2025 Made in China, the entire traffic will occur great changes, the car changed dramatically, and this is such a vehicle networking role played in the middle, this effect is through the continuous improvement of traffic safety and efficiency of the new vehicle safety value.
What is a smart car? What is unmanned?
I believe we have reached a consensus. Audi from San Francisco to New York to participate in the show, they are a technique to learn while driving, after thousands of kilometers of learning, has accumulated a large number of road knowledge, Google also sent hundreds of cars in the street stop on to sweep the streets, but also to learn. We are here today to open this meeting, I think that the auto industry has reached a consensus, we have just mentioned the leadership of this company and that company, what they're doing? I divide it into several categories, one is directly change traffic patterns, We know that Didi taxi, UBER etc., these companies are changing traffic patterns, and what its purpose is? In order to build a new economy modal share. The second is to change the car production, now open source electric car platform and automobile manufacturing mode 3D printing, such companies have begun to use in Canada. The third is to change the automotive supply chain, the supply chain is now entirely on the network platform, you can purchase on the Internet to software and hardware they need, which is based on modeling and simulation design as the center of a new generation of production, which Mode of production is changed. The fourth is to change the auto sensing mode, we want pavement sensors and automotive sensors combine cars and vehicles between the sensor should be combined with each other. Finally, change the car computing architecture, the definition of motor vehicles through a central processing computing unit and software. Finally, change the car using the service structure, after the last car we sell, you get on the 4S shop repair it. It is through the network of smart cars and driving state of the value segment, analysis and events. The final area is to change the car maintenance mode, I find Chinese enterprises in change on a shared trip do more on the service to do more, do less in relation to the nature of the field of cars, I found in European countries to participate in the car structural happen again, are auto companies and Internet companies to cooperate, that is, we have not formed a good cooperation mechanism in this regard, so a lot of innovation has not, it does not and can mean opportunity.
First, we found that we just do better 4G network, Telematics services to soften the more accurate and comprehensive information, better user experience and greater industrial value change. Second, automotive ECU firmware and software online download and update technology OTA been more attention. Third, starting from ADAS and V2X networking, innovative enterprises in their efforts to achieve the smooth evolution to explore the structure of the vehicle control system through networking. Fourth, the traditional car companies in the networking problem also has formed a new thinking and new action industry level. Fifth, the demand for innovative companies to transport travel a new model proposed start reconstruction automotive design and manufacturing processes. Sixth, the US government traffic management department in promoting innovation and development of automotive and transportation industry by vehicle networking plays an important role. Finally, the telecommunications industry to promote the intelligent network platform and software-defined networks, telecommunications operators which play an increasingly important role.
Mobile Internet's largest technical breakthrough comes from Steve Jobs invented the phone and he built the ecological environment. We communications be subverted, we have the Internet today is to reduce complexity. We want to reconstruct the traffic engineering problem now mentioned taxi traffic engineering software problems are encountered, in addition to performance, but also consider various aspects of the cost, user acceptance, security and so on. Outside traffic engineering, automotive engineering but also reconstruction, after the establishment of the Internet industry, industrial manufacturing projects to be reconstructed. The third level is the reconstruction of human-computer interaction, and the fourth is the reconstruction of market and industry governance structure level.
Mercedes boss said:. "Car of the future is one of the four wheels of a mobile phone," how collaborative innovation to build a new platform, providing sustainable development it we see it built a platform that semiconductor manufacturers, there is communication? manufacturers, there are ECU firmware management, upgrade download such a company, it can provide for all brands of cars feature to download, provide management of terminal software versions and features, as well as solution providers, there are many integrators , as well as technology providers. We all went to the platform to form a collaborative environment, our auto industry has become a new pattern, we become application developers depot, ready for your car to add new features, and the development of the entire infrastructure , car manufacturers continue to develop future automotive equivalent of Huawei, ZTE to produce new mobile phones.

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